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About Goddess Godiva

Know that I am an elite Domme and Humiliatrix Extraordinaire. I am being admired by men, sissies, and long term owned slaves around the world from Norway to Japan. They are weak to my will, happily under my control and serving me for years at a time.

You have found me for a reason. I have pulled you in and shown you the path you were always meant to be on. Be warned, I will become an obsession, an addiction. I will use my beauty to draw you in, then I will use my wicked imagination, intelligence and power to turn you into a helpless heap before me, ready to mold into my perfect, obedient little pet.

You as my property will deliver wealth to Me and attend to My passing amusements. Satisfying My desires, devoted to Me and My pleasure.

Finding a true and genuine Goddess like me to serve is a true honor.
To be given the chance to get to know me and to please me.

This year I celebrate the 5 year anniversary of my websites and my new website will be launched in a couple of weeks in the meantime check out and

Goddess Godiva,
The Black Bitch you are Craving to serve

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